Russian souvenirs

Have you ever wanted to surprise someone with a gift that is truly different from the overwhelmingly gray mass of featureless gifts people give each other day in and day out, year after year, stuck in the vicious cycle of boring gifts? Or have you ever wanted to buy something really special for yourself, something that transcends the thoughtless and ordinary blandness of everyday «stuff»?

Enter a unique world of Museum Quality Russian gifts that will surely satisfy the most exquisite taste. Our blue and white Porcelain and Faberge egg will send you back to the old times, when these beautiful masterpieces were serving as decorations or for the needs of the Russian Imperial Court. The one-of-a-kind Matryoshka doll (sometimes called Babushka doll) or hand painted lacquer box can be the perfect addition to your Gift Ideas list. All kinds of Collectible Toys, limited edition Collectible Plates, Lacquer Miniatures, Jewelry, and many Folklorica items will sure leave speechless even the most fastidious members of your family!
Russian souvenirs has prepared for you a wide selection of unique russian gifts and souvenirs with a rich cultural heritage. Our products stand for creative ideas that will bring happiness to your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to shop in our online store for the coming Easter: you will find a special easter blue and white porcelain collection of dinnerware, faberge eggs, accessories and gifts for your close ones. We guarantee fast delivery of your purchases.

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